Bedroom Storage Ideas : 10 Cool Ways to Fight Clutter

Wake up! It is already half of 2019. It is time to get rid of your bedroom clutter and get organised. Your bedroom should be a place where you find peace and can go to escape the world. It is where you spend most of your time; hence, it needs to be organised. Doesn’t matter how well-designed or spacious your bedroom is, clutter will always be there. But when you have a really small bedroom, managing clutter becomes even more difficult. Don’t worry; we are here to help. In this post, we have gathered cool and creative bedroom storage ideas you can easily pull off with what you already have or make one or two purchases for a quick fix. Trust us, you will sleep better this way.

#1 Find unused space in your wardrobe 

For your bedroom to be perfectly organised, how organised your wardrobe is play a crucial role. If you don’t want to drill holes for more storage shelves, finding unused space in your wardrobe could save you time and money. You need to milk every inch of storage space in your wardrobe in a creative manner so that things don’t look cluttered in there. You can add over-the-door hangers, clothing rods, plastic boxes, and other super storage tools for storing your clothing essentials.

#2 Invest in a good storage bed

If yours is a small bedroom that lacks storage area, you may want to invest in a new bed with underside storage options. It is the easiest and smartest ways to add a whole area of storage to your bedroom. If you don’t want to spend more, you can DIY an under-the-bed-storage solution by adding storage containers like plastic boxes. Pro Tip: when you are looking for storage container, prefer them in black or grey colour or choose the transparent ones that aren’t so blindingly ‘storage container-y’ from a glance. It will keep your bedroom’s aesthetics intact.

#3 Organise your dresser like a pro

Every bedroom has this piece of furniture called ‘dresser.’ No one can emphasise enough the use of great dressers with drawer dividers. Taking time to organise your dresser could grab you more storage space. Dressers not only make your bedroom look inviting and lived in but also turn out to be a standout piece of stylish storage. If you want to add extra storage space in your bedroom, we advise you to consider vacuum-packing out-of-season clothing from your wardrobe to your dresser.

#4 Double duty furniture can double your storage space 

Floating drawer instead of a shelf or small storage cabinets instead of a dressing table, even your nightstand, can double the storage in your bedroom. It can help, especially if you have a small bedroom space. Double duty furniture can easily fit in spots where nightstands and other bulky bedroom furniture can’t. They not only keep your bedroom organised but adds a nice touch, acting out different from the traditional bedroom designs and setups.

#5 Stack suitcases for storage 

Search UK’s charity shops and thrift stores for vintage suitcases. Suitcases are a great storage option for your linens and curtains and other fabrics. They look so beautiful sacked in the corner or at the foot of your bed. There is so much storage space available inside suitcases in which you can store infrequently used bedroom essentials as well. Vintage suitcases are a great bedroom décor. You can restore them or leave them looking worn; they look great in both aspects.

#6 Create hidden storage under your desk 

If you have a desk with no storage option – a tabletop with legs, you can create more storage space by installing plastic boxes or basket underneath the desktop. Such desks create the illusion that they have more space and you can work on your creative side to add storage underneath them. This is one great way to clear the clutter from your bedroom. Things like your wallet, stationery items, and other small essentials can easily be stored in such storage spaces.

#7 Rethink what belongs in your bedroom

Not everything belongs in the bedroom. So don’t stress on piling up things there. Maybe your wardrobe is cramped up, and there is no room to keep your seasonal clothes. For starters, seasonal clothes are something that you don’t touch for half the year. So, find a new space. You are not limited to finding space in your bedroom only. There are other rooms in your house. You can put things in other storage units in your house like in your living room or under the lounge, whatever works for you.

#8 Creatively use the back of the door

Even your door can help you clear the clutter by offering storage space. You can install a back-of-the-door storage component that looks pretty much invisible when you leave the door open. You can use that storage space for hanging your clothes such as coats, blazers, belts, hats, and other clothing accessories of daily use. These items can take up a whole lot of storage space in your wardrobe, so a back of the door storage pace is a viable option.

#9 Store things to the ceiling 

You can use the vertical space of your bedroom to store additional items in your bedroom. If you are open to some out of the box storage idea, ladder shelves make excellent storage option for your bedroom. You can store books, baskets, toys, electronics, and other items. This will give you a lot of free space on the floor to move around.

#10 Don’t leave trash around 

Avoid littering your dresser and table. Place a small dustbin or trash can near your dresser to keep price tags, receipts, and tissues from littering the surface and other places.

Bottom Line

It is all about how creative you can get. And most importantly, don’t overbuy stuff you don’t need like clothes and other accessories if you don’t know where you will store them.

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