UK Firms’ Economic Optimism Fell Ahead of Brexit

Companies basedin Britain have lost their previous optimism concerning the economy.In fact, it’s dropped to its lowest point since the EU referendum in 2016, as a recent survey shows. To learn more about the topic and CutPay merchant services, just keep on reading the post.

UK Firms’ Optimism & CutPay Merchant Services

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn’t going to ask the EU to delay Brexit. The number of businesses concerned about Brexit has jumped to the highest point on record, as the Lloyds Bank Business Barometer shows.

The balance of businesses worried about the Brexit outcome has also deteriorated: it’s dropped by 7 points to -25%. By the way, the lowest business confidence was registered in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as the survey of 1.200 companies reveals.

Companies’ assessment of their trading expectations for the year ahead went higher by 5 points, thus making up 13%. However, that figure showed its 2ndlowest point this year.Factories in the UK have witnessed their worst slump since 2012. Last month, sterling shed 3/4 of a cent against the US dollar to $1.2080.

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Economic State in the UK

A recent report by KPMG,a multinational professional-services network and one of the Big Four accounting organizations,showed a no-deal Brexit could result in economic recession. As a result, the unemployment rate and house prices would go higher.

Production, construction, and agriculture have already contracted. The last quarter was favorable for only the service sector: it improved by just 0.1%.

The new export-business sector has contracted at the fastest rate in over 7 years in August. Manufacturers have mentioned global-trade pressure, weak world-economic growth, and uncertainties around Brexit as reasons for reduced overseas demand.

To sum up, the UK companies’ overall optimism concerning the growth of the economy has dropped. Work only with the right payments expert to be able to grow successfully.

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