Enjoy The Active Nightlife In Athens

Most people, when they visit a new country, think about the nightlife there. As a matter of fact, it is the main interest of many tourists. When it comes to visiting Greece, how can you ignore the beauty of the city of Athens? The active nightlife at Athens attracts millions of tourists from every corner of the world. There are many things to see in Athens, but the city is more famous for its nightlife. It is the city that awakes at night. Parties continue till dawn, and people go back to their homes when the sun rises. You are in Athens then you should definitely visit Bouzoukia to enjoy σχήματα μπουζούκια– every shape of music this summer.

History of Bouzouki:

Have you ever heard the name of Bouzouki? Well, it is the most famous musical instrument in Greece. In fact, it is an important part of nightlife in Athens. Historically, it was introduced to Greece in the 1900s. It quickly became the central instrument to rebetika genre. For those who don’t know rebetika genre is a collective name that is given the Greek urban folk music and its branches.

Bouzoukia is the place where you can enjoy the music in which Bouzouki is without a doubt the main instrument. These are not the club, but you can consider them as Bouzouki clubs. Young singers start the show by signing some famous Greek songs, and then the main singers appear on the stage to steal the show.

When does Bouzouki begin?

When you are in Athens, Greece, you can’t afford to miss Bouzouki. But when it starts and when it ends? For those who do not know, Bouzouki begins at midnight and ends at the sunrise. The show does not immediately begin as the beginning part is like the introduction. Then slowly the show continues, and at midnight after a couple of drinks, the atmosphere becomes festive. Then young singers begin singing and then the main singers arrive at the stage to present their popular hits.

Bouzoukias remain open all year, but the signers that perform at the show need breaks. So, they work according to a schedule. Bouzoukia remains open till dawn, but sometimes they close at 8 or 9’O clock. Most Bouzoukia close when the sunrises.

Summing Up:

Bouzoukia is neither clubs nor a concert hall. They are like an elevated stage where the musicians and singers perform. Bouzouki is, without a doubt, the main instrument in Bouzoukia. The tables are set in the right direction so that the guests can enjoy Bouzouki and see the spectacle.

The tables that are attached to the stage are the special ones, so they are quite expensive. If you want to enjoy at Bouzoukia, then you should book a table a couple of days before. The live performances of Bouzouki singers are the source of income for them. They are the famous singers on the radio that perform live in Bouzouki show. The young singers who begin the show do not have their own albums.

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