Why using augmented reality is important

The idea of ​​creating a short list of reasons why using augmented reality in various fields makes sense. Most augmented reality technology companies have understood that they can use this new innovative approach in the various sectors of reference to improve the production of goods and services and make them qualitatively more ad hoc for their objectives.


To understand the importance of augmented reality we must bring the parallel of the tourism sector. The tourist offer in the cities of art has been the same for several decades. Far be it from us to want to diminish the historical-artistic value of our monuments. But their use can be made much more interesting with augmented reality. Imagine, for example, getting to a certain point and observing the most beautiful monuments or the best works of art. It is now customary for all of us to take pictures with cell phones and tablets. Well, with an augmented reality app you can start a 3D animation that brings those monuments back to life in front of our eyes in certain historical periods. A painting can come to life, an ancient temple to recover the original colors, etc.


Thanks to the augmented reality app, companies in any sector will be able to save a lot on the production and use of materials. Everything can be inserted as pages of the app and will be immediately usable by the tourist. This will allow a certain conversion of potential customers who have already tried that good or service, effectively increasing the chances of new and old purchases

Applications can be updated with new content remotely. In practice, just upload the renewed material and automatically to the user’s app, the contents will be changed, without particular actions on his part. At the same time, you can also notify those who downloaded the app previously, that new content is available. If you want to update the app graphics for the after-sales service, the discussion is roughly the same. The convenience of this system is evident and does not require, we believe, any further explanation.


With augmented reality it will be possible to greatly improve the industrial and production message, intensifying the effectiveness of the information material. This is because the experience will be new, engaging thanks to the possibility of interactions with 3D models, therefore more effective. The after-sales experience of customers, on the other hand, will be infinitely more functional in solving problems and doubts. The undoubted advantage of telephone call centers, with standardized and quality service, will be improved by accessing the device room. And this is not possible except with augmented reality. In short, it is easy to understand that, at the moment the AR, although still rare in some sectors, deserves to be taken into consideration from pontifical points of view. If it is still little known today, it will not be so for much longer. Day by day from the industrial production sector exploratory requests are received in these and other sectors, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes normal

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